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Anonymous asked 2 sene ago

The seller has shipped your order

In 32days 16hours 0minutes 59seconds Purchase Protection will end.help_icon Anlamadım
1. If you are satisfied with the items you have received, then you can click ‘Confirm Goods Received’.
2. If you have not received your items, or you are not satisfied with your items, you can click ‘Open Dispute’ before Purchase Protection deadline or Purchase will be automatically finalized
In order for us to process your claim effectively, we do not accept the evidence in video’s form to be uploaded using third parties tools (mediafire, youtube, etc).
(Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at AliExpress! It’s been an exciting year and we’d like to thank you for being a part of our growing Alifamily. As this is a time for celebration, many of our sellers will be on holiday from Feb 7 – Feb 13. Therefore, for any disputes created during that time, seller response time is extended from 5 days to 12 days.)
3. If you would like to extend your Purchase Protection you can contact the seller directly or click ‘ Request to extend Purchase Protection ‘ to ask for the seller’s approval.


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Free Shipping 2015 NEW Naruto Plastic Kunai Japanese Cosplay Weapon Props 1:1 size

Properties: Color: A
(na na)


Awaiting Receipt

Bana Böyle Diyor Ne Olduğunu Açıklayabilir Misiniz Ürün Şu An Henüz Elime Gelmedi Ne Zaman Gelecek 

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Serkan answered 2 sene ago

Geçen hafta tatil vardi. Kargo vs gecikme oldu. Zaten 32 gün koruma suresi var. 30 güne kadar gelmezse Open Dispute butonunu tiklayarak uyusmazlik açin.

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