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Dispute Escalated

Ali asked 2 sene ago

Merhaba, aliexpressden saat aldım kargo bilgisinde Sadece sevkiyat hazır olduğu yazıyordu 35gun geçti urun gelmedi dispute açtım satıcı kabul etmedi escalate dispute açtım 3 gün oldu şimdi birşeyler yazıyor İngilizce anlamadim. En altta Respond ve cancel arbitration butonu var. Ne yapmalıyım? Yardımcı olun.
Reminder:To move forward with this case, both the buyer and seller need to provide enough evidence (such as clear pictures or any other relevant information) to support their case within 1 calendar days 23 hour3 minute 9 second Forged or modified evidence will not be accepted.【Please note that we will only consider the evidence submitted in the dispute details page after opening the dispute. We will not consider additional information (such as message history with the seller, etc.) If you need to use message history as evidence, please submit it in the dispute page in the form of attachments.】

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