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ERHAN ESMERAY asked 2 sene ago

daha önce konu açıp sormuştum. http://aliexpressturk.net/soru/uyusmazlik-actim-satici-ile-anlasamiyoruz.
ilk defa escalate işlemine girdim. uyuşmazlık geçmişinde resimdeki durum görünüyor. anlayamadım. http://i.hizliresim.com/z5pjG7.png.
sistem detaylarında da şu  yazı mevcut.
Status of case: Complaint Pending
What the buyer/seller needs to do now:
Buyer: confirm with us whether the goods are received
Seller: pay attention to the tracking information and negotiate with buyer.
Please do not reply to this email/message.
Please log in to http://trade.aliexpress.com/issue/issueDetail.htm?issueId=61094392367503 to check the status of your case.

Thank you for contacting AliExpress. I am sorry to hear that you haven’t received your order 73626507977503.
According to the shipping information, the package 02830164217 has been shipped out by the seller and it is currently in transit not sent to wrong address. Your buyer protection won’t end until the dispute is closed. As the tracking information may not be updated on time, please wait in patience and confirm with us whether you have received the goods by 2016-4-26 . We kindly suggest you need positively negotiate with your seller regarding this dispute.
If you have received the goods in good condition, please cancel this claim and confirm order received. If we don’t receive any feedback about the product problems after the goods are delivered, we will release the payment to your seller based on the delivery information.

PS: If there’s any agreement reached with the supplier before this case is closed, please provide your supportive evidence on the complaint center. Or AliExpress shall have the right to proceed to handle the Claim based on the supporting documents available and/or the settlement terms reached in the Order Messages within the Time Limit between the Buyer and the Supplier.

Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.

Best regards,

AliExpress Case Management Team

Please note that when you cancel the claim, we will assume you agree to release the payment to the seller.

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Tutku ÇAKIRTutku ÇAKIR Staff answered 2 sene ago

Her şey orada AliExpress satıcı doğru adrese yollamış 26 Nisan’a kadar gelmezse geri dönüş yapın diyor.

Erhan Esmeray answered 2 sene ago

yani respond mi yapmalıyım

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