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Neslihan , 11 ay önce sordu.

Siparis verdigim 5 urun de suresi gectigi halde elime ulasmadi ve bunlardan 2 tanesi ali express sitesinde gonderilmis gibi gorunuyor ve feedback birakmam bekleniyor. Kargo numaralariyla ptt ve cesitli sitelerden takip etmeyi denedim ama bulamadim, ne yapabilirim?

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Enes answered 11 ay ago

takip numaralarını atarsan yardımcı olmaya çalışırım.
*dispute yaparak paranı geri alabilirsin

fuat sarıçam answered 11 ay ago

benımde kargom gelmedi ben urunu ıstiyorum ama ulaşmadı elime napıcam suresı cokdan geçti 🙁  

fuat sarıçam answered 11 ay ago

ve aramızda bole bir diyalog geçti ve anlamadım hıcbıse …

Dear friend,
Sorry,have you checked the last mail we sent to you? We have already accepted your dispute, please have a check. and if you receive the parcel later, hope you can repay to us.
Best regards.



package did not come :( :(   30 CevaplaKargom gelmedi30 CevaplaKargom gelmedi30 CevaplaKargom gelmedi30 CevaplaKargom gelmedi30 CevaplaKargom gelmedi

2016-07-27 06:08


Product was very time when the future

2016-07-27 06:06

David John
2016-07-27 02:23

Dear friend,
We already accepted your dispute,Aliexpress will refund to you within 2-7 days,please check it later.If you receive it later ,hope you are a honest person and re pay money to us .
When you repay us ,please order this item ( http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Extra-Fee-Link/1679338_32338924873.html    )  and please purchase pieces equal we returned to you .


David John
2016-07-26 02:49

We did send two parcels to  you in total ,so there is another parcel on the right way to you .Could you please close the dispute and wait it  patiently ?


David John
2016-06-23 13:16

We are so sorry to bother you,this message was sent by our system automatic.
Please note ,because these items are in our different warehouse or they are too big for being packed in one bag,in order to save time,we split into different packages to send. After you get the packages,please check whether receive all items.
If you want to know split into how many packages and the tracking numbers of them,please leave a message to us,we'll reply you soon.

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