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feyza asked 2 sene ago

Order ID: 79133947916416 View Detail  numaralı siparişim henüz elime ulaşmadı ve bir mail geldi

 Please note the Purchase Protection of Order 79133947916416 is running out.    


Dear feyza

 This is an e-mail notification to inform you that The Purchase Protection of Order 79133947916416 will end on 2016.11.15 23:35.
1. If you are satisfied with the items you have received, then you can click ‘Confirm Order Received’.
2. If you have not received your items, or you are not satisfied with your items, you can click ’Open Dispute ’ before Purchase Protection deadline or Purchase will be automatically finalized.
3. If you would like to extend your Purchase Protection you can contact the seller directly or click ‘Request to extend Purchase Protection’ to ask for the seller’s approval.
Please note if there is no action taken within Purchase Protection, your order will be automatically finalized with payment released.

2016.11.14 23:36

This is an automated system email. Please do not reply to this email.
acaba siparişim iptal mi etmem gerekiyor

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