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Turkey(PTT)-Web Error

mehmet asked 2 sene ago

Destination Country – Turkey(PTT) – Web Error
A web error has occurred.
1.The carrier’s tracking access is temporarily disconnected, under this situation, the carrier’s official website has been suspended.
2.Due to unstable network connection, it might be just a temporary network fault.
Apart from a few carriers lacking technical support which often show web error or disconnected server, most of the other carriers, if web error occurs, their tracking service will be restored within a few hours. Please click Re-Track or retry later.
Ya ben anlamadım bu nedir arkadaşlar? Bir kaç gündür var geçer sandım hâlâ aynı. Sorun yoktur değil mi ya 🙁 

2 Answers
Anonymous answered 2 sene ago

Aynı sorun bende de var şu an. Bilen arkadaşlar cevap verirse seviniriz.

mert answered 2 sene ago

bendede aynı sorun var nooldu geldimi kargonuz

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